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Swim School
Houston, TX

All ages - infants to adults! We also specialize in private and special needs classes. Check out all our classes!


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Meet Coach Lisa!

Born to be in the water, Lisa has been teaching swim lessons for over 43 years. Having worked in the West University area since 1992, Lisa's swimming background and years of instructing several generations of West University youngsters gives her a definitive edge over swim instructors in the area.


To Register for classes, we ask that you either email us at or call Lisa, at 713.389.0944 to see what days/times are available and schedule your session.

All Classes
Mom & Me Classes

Parent & Me Classes!

We teach the students along with an adult to help with the basic swimming skills, such as blowing bubbles, leg kicking, glides, rowing arms and kicking legs together, floating and safety jumps. 

No make-ups will be provided

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Semi-Private Classes!

This is essentially a private lesson but with 2 students. They do not have to be the same swim level since we do some skills together and some separately. 

Semi Private Classes
Special Needs Classes
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Group Stroke Classes!

We incorporate all four racing strokes, freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly with a strong emphasis on technique and endurance. 

No make-ups will be provided

Group Class Srtoke

Special Needs Classes!

Our program/routine varies statically for each individual. We adapt and modify to ensure a great experience while learning how to swim. 

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Adult Classes
Private Classes

Adult Classes!

We teach at all levels for adults. From beginners to advanced. From the basics of how to get comfortable with your face in the water, to glides, kicks, arms and breathing to the side. For those who are more advanced, we work on technique and endurance. 

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Private Classes!

Private one-on-one with the instructor. Depending on the skill level of the student, we attempt to fine tune the basics all the way through the advanced levels. Beginners start off learning the basics, and for the more advanced swimmers we fine tune their techniques. 


Learn how to swim with us! 

Lesson Prices

All payments must be made online. There are 12, 6 and 2 lesson packages. 

  • The 12 lesson package will be used mostly for 2 or more lessons per week.

  • The 6 lesson package will be used mostly for 1 lesson per week. 

  • The 2 lesson package will be used mostly for drop in lessons.

If you would like a different package, please contact us below! We also offer Home Lessons for a little extra per class. 

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