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Tuition / Make-Up Policies and Procedures

Please take the time to review our policies. These policies must be strictly enforced in
order to meet our commitment of providing timely, quality service to all our customers. 

Make-Up Policy:
We are focused on providing the best swim lesson experience possible. When you enroll your child at Life Long Swim School, your lesson time is held exclusively for your child each week. You are paying to secure your child's lesson/class, not their attendance (lane rental fee and instructor fee is also included in lesson fee). Consistency of attending your
scheduled lesson/class time is one of the keys
to our program.

Planned absences are more a 24-four notice. You will need to email Lisa at ( to let us know the date you will miss. You will get confirmation from Lisa for make-up options. You are allowed one (1) planned make-up per six (6) lesson/weeks. (The number of make-ups is contingent on the number of lessons you take per week.) 

There is NO make-up for a missed make-up lesson. 

A credit cannot be issued for a missed lesson/class. 

Reminder: Make-ups are based on availability and not guaranteed. 

Unplanned absences are less than a 24-hour notice. This is considered a missed lesson as we must pay our instructor, lane fee and keep the day and time just for you only, whether you attend your lesson or not. 

There is no make-up lesson for an unplanned absence. However, if you present a doctor's note, your make-up request will be considered. 

Any lessons cancelled due to unexpected pool closures will be made up within your schedule package. 

No make-ups will be provided for Parent+Me classes or group classes of 3 or more. 

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